The Heart2Heart foundation was founded by two young Vancouver students, Marco Chen and Tom Huang, during the summer of 2006. When Marco was fresh out of his sophomore year in high school and Tom was ready to enter his last year high school, they both felt that they wanted to make a difference in the world. The two recalled constantly hearing stories of young children around the globe who lacked the luxury of education. The two thought of all the children who lived their lives not knowing the powers of schooling and knowledge. They wondered if these children even knew what the word 'school' meant. The two boys knew that they had to do something and consequently, Marco and Tom launched their pilot project: an initiative with the aim to build a school for underprivileged children in their homeland: China. Their first step was to contact the local government of their target village about their initiative. With overwhelming support, Marco and Tom began to raise money to build a school in the small village of Miao-Long, Guizhou. Immediately, a fundraising banquet was organized in Shenzhen, Guangdong. At the very first Heart2Heart fundraising banquet event, generous donations were received along with great support from the local media. With this great start, Marco and Tom knew that this would not merely be a one-time event.

When it came time for the both of them to return home for school, Marco and Tom decided to bring the Heart2Heart foundation with them and introduce it into the Vancouver private school community. In the following months, many enthusiastic and committed students joined Marco and Tom to raise money to complete their project. The student leaders who took it into their own hands to help others have now become the backbone of the non-profit Heart2Heart Canadian Youth Society.


  • Heart2Heart was founded at St.George's School and organized its first fundraiser in Shenzhen
  • Heart2Heart visited Gui Zhou's Miao-Long area, learned about the local social and financial issues, and distributed school supplies to the local children
  • Heart2Heart's first charity banquet raised over $50,000, all the funds went to the school project in Miao Long of Gui Zhou


  • Heart2Heart organized the "Ice-Breaking Care Relief" to assist the victims of Gui Zhou Bi Jie's heavy snow storm
  • Heart2Heart's 2nd fundraising banquet raised over $100,000 with $20,00 of it being directed to the Sichuan earthquake relief


  • Heart2Heart expanded to 5 public and private schools in Vancouver with over 50 members
  • Heart2Heart organized its first Incredible Race in Downtown Vancouver
  • Heart2Heart visited Kunming and established a school project
  • Heart2Heart's 3rd charity banquet raised over $50,000 for a school project in Gui Zhou, $10,000 of it was once again directed to the Sichuan earthquake relief


  • Heart2Heart visited Xing Guang Village of Gui Zhou to teach local students English and deliver school supplies
  • Heart2Heart's 2nd Incredible Race raised over $500
  • Heart2Heart organized a bowling competition to fundraise for the Haiti earthquake relief
  • Heart2Heart's 4th charity fundraising banquet, with collaboration from Spencer West's Me To We raised over $80,000 for a school project and a library in Xing Guang Village


  • Heart2Heart's 3rd Incredible Race raised over $800
  • Heart2Heart's Christmas Gathering raised over $100 for Gui Zhou's school project
  • Heart2Heart's 5th annual charity banquet raised over $100,000


  • Heart2Heart visited 5 villages in rural parts of Gui Zhou. In the end, H2H decided to build a brand new boarding facility in the Ping Xia district
  • Heart2Heart expanded to 10 different public and private schools with over 100 members
  • Heart2Heart's 4th Incredible Race raised over $1000
  • Heart2Heart members at St. George's Boarding House and St. John's School organized weekly bubble tea sales
  • Heart2Heart members organized a Valentines Rose sale at Point Grey secondary and raised $400
  • Heart2Heart's 6th annual charity banquet raised over $60,000 at the River Rock Casino

-Heart2Heart visited 3 villages in rural parts of YuXi Yunnan. In the end, H2H decided to build two new schools in the Kunming province.
-Heart2Heart expanded to 15 different public and private schools with over 300 members.
-Heart2Heart’s 5th Incredible Race raised over $1200.
-Heart2Heart members at Point Grey Secondary organized a Valentines Rose sale and raised $350.
-Heart2Heart 7th Annual charity banquet raised over $80,000 at the RiverRock Casino in Richmond.