We at Heart2Heart wish to foster hope within and to provide brighter futures for disadvantaged children around the world by various methods such as providing a basic education and enriching their childhoods. Our ultimate goal as a society of passionate young students is to spread our compassion to our communities, in hopes of gaining support and raising awareness.

Our mission truly echoes the beliefs of each and every one of our members. Every member of Heart2Heart is passionate in making a difference for those living in a state of inhumanity. Every time our accomplishments become successes, we strive ever further with our determination and compassion to continue our initiatives. After every Heart2Heart discussion, meeting or event lingers an inexplicable strength and a thirst to do more charitable acts for the benefit of others. We are grateful to have a group of committed young teenagers who are eager to help Heart2Heart stand strong in its mission. It saddens us when there are people of our own age who are living in poverty while we line in comfort and freedom. We aim to prove that even as students, we have the power to transform the lives of other. Whether young or old, rich or poor, we can all share the gift of compassion: from our heart to yours.

Establishing Hope and Spreading Compassion