Dear Prospective Heart2Heart Members,

On behalf of the Executive Board, Head of schools, and Members, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Heart2Heart Canadian Youth Society, a student-led organization that is dedicated to providing basic education to those in need.

Since 2006, Heart2Heart has established chapters in more than 15 different schools, with over 700 members, including alumni. Heart2Heart is an organization that prides itself on involving not just the executive members and board, but also every member who wishes to take part in the fundraising process. Just last year alone, Point Grey’s Heart2Heart club raised approximately five hundred dollars from a Rose-gram event, selling and delivering over 230 roses. Burnaby North hosted accessory sales, and set up tables outside local businesses such as the RBC bank, to raise awareness and collect donations. West Vancouver’s Heart2Heart members sold Krispy Kreme donuts, while St. George’s, St. John’s School, and West Vancouver schools all raised hundreds of dollars by selling bubble teas. Those events are merely a few examples of the crucial steps taken toward our common goals. In 7 years, we have raised over $500,000 to rebuild 7 basic schools and four libraries, support BC Children’s hospital, assist Chinese earthquake and snowstorm-hit victims. Notably, Heart2Heart has decided to provide daily supplies and build a new kinder garden in YuXi, YuNan, which members of the board had visited the past summer.

We believe that charity requires persistence. Despite how small or how challenging the task may be we will continue to tackle the obstacles and overcome difficulties. We believe that charity begins in our own hearts. By helping others, we are ultimately helping ourselves; We believe that charity has no boundaries. We will embrace every opportunity to spread our compassion. We plan to carry on our tradition of visiting Guiyang, China every summer, revisiting the schools we have built, and search for new projects. As this compassion kindles within our own community, we are looking forward to working with more local charities, providing them with volunteer assistance. We believe that when our community prospers, we grow and mature at the same time. We highly encourage you to join us in strengthening our influence and leave a positive impact on today’s world.

Heart2Heart’s mission to establish hope and compassion, provide basic assistance to youth, and raise public awareness, would not be possible without your generous support. We are truly grateful to you, our friends and supporters, who have entrusted their time and commitment to Heart2Heart. Together, we can all share the gift of compassion and extend our hands to those in need.

Bowen Zhou

Heart2Heart Canadian Youth Society