In the past years, Heart 2 Heart has held many fundraising events in Vancouver. These events range from charity banquets, running man, amazing race to art events.


In the past few years, Heart 2 Heart has held many charity fundraising banquets in Vancouver, Canada, and the first in China. During these events, silent auctions, local performances, famous idol and stars appearances, silent auctions and lotteries take place. Many of these have been held through the courtesy of the Vancover Sheraton Hotel and the River Rock Casino.


The amazing race was held in the past years to allow more members to get to know each other and bring more people to the organization. Through this fun yet interesting way, members go to know others more and became more able to cooperate to work as a team.


Members and non-members got together to sing songs and have fun. The event served as a great ice-breaker at the start of the year. New members got to know their leaders and leaders got to know their team.


At the general meeting, students from many schools gathered to know about the organization. It is an informational event for students across and beyond the school board to know about the organization and what it does.