The Value of Our Partners

Our mission is to teach and inform the public of the problem in rural areas of the world without proper funding from the government for basic education. We rely on our partners to keep growing and supporting these children whom will be able to have a brighter future with education. When you join us as a sponsor, your company will be seen by many as tomorrow’s leaders. Your helping in our annual fundraising banquet shows everyone that your company is truly caring, involved in positive change and impacting the world. With your help, the banquet will definitely be a success and show the world that having better education, or even just having basic education, is an important part of rural development.

Sponsor Benefits

Our annual charity fundraising banquet is arguably the best way to show the public of the existing problems. Our attendees, usually parents of children school in the area, will definitely be able to relate to these problems as they have kids of their own. They are the people of the time whom, as a group, have more financial ability to help make a change. These are also the kinds of people that will bring your products or services back home to rave and show all their friends or talk about it over tea.

Media Exposure

By partnering up with us, not only will you get local exposure through many marketing and news channels, but also will you get recognized through social medias. Many past sponsors such as Mercedes-Benz, River Rock Casino and Luxury Eyewear have proudly sponsored us. This is a great medium for your company to advertise itself and introduce its products or services to the public.